Friday, 26 September 2008

Ghosts Around

Are these ghosts a reality....?

YES....I have seen it once, I have really experienced in my home, in my office...

People have different personal instances to share once you start talking about Ghosts.
Ghost stories are a spicy subject in campus life also. Due to fear or of a neutral personality, majority tends to believe in ghosts; and of course, there are few who do not believe in these stories at all.....If u utter any such ghostly experience, they would daringly challenge such things.

I remember such a story happened to a medical student, who publicly questioned the existence of ghosts and challenged to undergo any such ghostly experience. It was during a general discussion on ghosts, that he strongly disapproved the existence of ghosts and narrated those things as fake and absurd. Sooner, it became strong topic of debate and he entered into a bet with his friends to disapprove their views.

The guy agreed to undergo any fear filled, ghostly experience. And the bet offered him prize money once he is through with the challenge. The guy seemed to be so tough and was ready to take up any daring action.

The bet was like this,

There was a peepal tree near the boy's hostel. And it was a hot topic of discussion during the past years of that hostel. The tree was famous either with suicides or with vampires and related stuffs. It says ghosts usually find their aboard on it. (Not scientifically proved, but great story tellers say so). And here, the guy was asked to pierce a nail on the peepal tree. The time of his daring action was set to be 12: 45 mid night.

It's almost 70 meters distance from the hostel to the peepal tree. As decided earlier, the guy took his determined steps towards the tree with a hammer and nail. It was getting darker when he moved near to the tree. He looked around, the hostel seemed to be a dark chamber from distance, and the screaming of bugs added a horror ambience too.
By then, slowly he could feel the coldness passing through his feet. He ensured twice that he was holding the hammer tightly though his palm was getting sweaty. He thought to hit few strokes and finish the job so fast.

Now, the coldness has passed on to his body and to his finger tips as well. It's totally dark around...The whistling wind moves with a panicking ambience. He felt like its long way to reach near the tree.

With trembling strides, somehow he managed to reach over there...

The moment he reached at one arm distance to the tree, he raised the hammer...fixed the nail.... The wind was blowing bit heavy, and he felt as if the wind will pull him up. He hit the nail with maximum power. When it pierced an inch on the tree he quickly turned back and tried to run away......ALAS.....he couldn't....... some thing is horrifying...
Somebody pulled him from back....his neck was getting tight...He felt like somebody is trying to strangle him. ...ohhhhhh... he screamed aloud. But no sound came out and nobody came to help. Few minutes passed.....

His friends thought that they have lost the bet money. And they waited in anticipation of his successful return. They waited and waited for long. But they couldn't find his return. So they decided to go on search of him. Once they reached near the tree, they found him laying down the peepal tree. Totally lost with senses and movements...They all screamed. Meanwhile somebody brought water and sprinkled on his face.....But no response....Its really ghostly...

Wahhh.... Its...Unbelievable right... but what happened in reality? Due to extreme fear and horror filled ambience, he pierced the nail on the tree along with a corner of his shawl. So once he turned back the shawl on the neck got tight and it pulled him back slightly. Once the inner fear increases, obviously we will experience high stress, right? So here also the slight pull from the hooked shawl felt to him like somebody was pulling from back, thus he lost his mental control and fell faint...

This is just a story to an extend ...But are these things a reality.

There are lots of beliefs in each and every culture. They have something to talk about ghosts. Both oriental and occidental traditions have its on style of narration about horror creatures. Film industry has grown big with ghostly content. And what more to say, even there are specialists who demands controls on all these extra sensitive affaires...and takes a big fee to cure your mind. What do you say? Do you believe? Or daring to take a challenge?

By Pradeep Chamravattom

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