Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ghost Videos - Fact or Fiction?

Ghost videos. Have you ever watched one? If you love a good scare, you're not alone. We watch ghost videos or ghost documentaries when they come on TV, or we rent them. Whether you're watching for education purposes or solely for entertainment, many, including me, feel intrigued, or drawn to, ghosts and the after-life.

What intrigues me about watching ghost videos is the thought that these ghosts (or spirits) were alive and real at one time.

What if ghosts walked, talked and ate like any other person? What if they had the same thoughts as other people? Perhaps they themselves even watched a ghost video, or saw a real ghost. What did they think about ghosts and the after-life while they were alive?

What if ghosts are real? Sometimes while I am watching a ghost video , I'm left wishing that I myself could talk to the ghosts and hear what they have to say. What kind of stories would they have to tell me? I personally think ghosts are quite real.

If they are ghosts from history, I'm especially interested in how and where they lived, and how they died. Did they know famous people? Did the ghosts from the Civil War fight with General Robert E. Lee, for instance?

Some people believe ghosts that haunt present-day dwellings or houses where they used to live are ghosts that can't seem to make it to the other side. Something has stopped them, or they just need a little help to move on.

Others believe that these ghosts may want to stay behind and tell us something, warn us about something.

Still others believe that these ghosts don't even realize that they are dead. These ghosts think that they're still living, and that society and fashion, etc. have merely changed a lot in their lifetime, not having a sense of real time, or knowing that time has moved on, perhaps without them.

Whatever the case is, watching ghost videos never ceases to amaze me.

By Krista Brehaut

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