Friday, 7 December 2007

Horror at Temple House by A Kasady

We had heard about Temple House through a local ghost hunting team that I have regular correspondence with. They told us of an investigation that they had carried out a few weeks previous that had yielded some interesting results. They had decided to go back there in a few months time but asked if I was interested in taking a look as they wanted another team to verify what they had found. With my interest peaked I got the team together and we headed off to see what the location had in store for us.

The place itself is an old building that had been built in the early nineteenth century as a home for a local dignitary. Although the outside had the look of a building that had been standing around for many years its interior was one newly furnished offices and top of the range equipment.

Dr Katherine Copeland carried out her routine tests as always and came back with very little in the way of any abnormal on either the thermometer or on the Gauss meter. She did warn us of the electromagnetic fields that would be a around due to the amount of equipment that was plugged in. We decided that the gauss meter would be pretty useless in these surroundings and decided against taking it with us.

The team had Annabel Keogh our medium try and contact some of the spirits that still may be lurking around in the building and this was where things got a little interesting.

She came back with the name “Alice Carruthers” - which was a name the previous team had come up with – who was a young girl that had been working as a maid to the original owner of the building. She had become pregnant by the owners son but, once she had informed her lover of this, had found herself being pushed down the stairs by the young man who had been worried about the affect this could have on his standing.

The team agree that we would carry out our investigation around the stairs after Ann had informed us that she felt no other presences in this building and that Alice was causing all the paranormal activity in a bid to let the living know she was there. Ann also said that she would help the young female spirit find her way to the other side when the investigation was over. With that in mind we set up the equipment and waited to see what the night had in store.

In started out quietly with nothing much really going on, a few minor sounds that had some of the other team members jumping but other than that very little was happening. It was only when Annabel commented that she could feel the spirit of Alice moving down the stairs that the hairs began to rise on the back of our necks.

We positioned the cameras towards the stairs and sent Katherine up with the temperature gauge. She reported a degrees drop in temperature that she couldn’t find the reason for. We called out and received what sounded like small whistle for our troubles. Although nothing was picked up on the video cameras some orbs were picked up around the stairs on the stills.

We decided at this point that we would hold a séance with a Ouija board. We asked out for information and received on the board the message “Sad” and “Baby”. Ann informed us that the girl was unhappy at not being able to give birth to the baby before she had died. We also received the message “James” which we knew to be the man that had killed her and “Stairs” which we already knew was the place that she had died.

Nothing else of not happened during the session so we packed away the board and waited. On calling out we received some bumps and bangs in answer to our questions and we also had a big drop in temperature that once again Katherine couldn’t find an explanation for. We also heard the strange whistle sound again and several more times after that.

When morning came we had gathered enough information and recorded several strange occurrences that had made it a worthy night. Probably not as much as we had hoped but not so little that it had been a waste of time. We left Ann to cleanse the location of the spirit, something she always likes to do alone, and once that had been carried out made our way to our office to go over all the date and conclude our findings.

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